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Quick Facts:

  • Raised in Houston, attended Alief ISD schools and St. Agnes Academy
  • BA in Psychology and Sociology from Wesleyan University
  • JD from University of Texas School of Law
  • Clerk to Judge Cheryl Johnson, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Private law practice 2005 to 2018
  • Elected as Judge of the 263rd District Court, November 2018

As an attorney, Amy opened her own law practice. She focused predominantly on felony criminal cases, gaining the necessary skills and experience to join the small cadre of attorneys eligible to represent indigent capital murder defendants in death penalty cases. She represented clients in both state and federal courts, and has argued cases before the Texas Courts of Appeal throughout the state, as well as the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

At the 263rd District Court, Judge Martin oversees a docket of approximately 2,000 felony criminal cases. In addition to her regular duties, she also serves on several committees, including the Fair Defense Act Management System (FDAMS) committee, Legal Affairs committee, Document Management committee, and the Hearing Officer Committee. She is a member of the Committee for Qualified Counsel in Death Penalty Cases for the 11th Administrative Judicial Region of Texas, which considers attorney applications to be on the appointment list for defendants charged in death penalty cases. Judge Martin represents the Criminal District Court Judges on the Harris County Bail Bond Board. She has also acted as the Administrative Judge Pro Tem.

When Judge Martin first took the bench, the Criminal District Courts were still sharing courtrooms and offices with the Civil District Courts in the Civil Courthouse because of the damage to the Criminal Courthouse from Hurricane Harvey. Work to repair the Criminal Courthouse did not being in earnest until early 2020. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, courts were forced to improvise new procedures as county buildings were closed. Judge Martin and her staff were able to successfully transition to a hybrid virtual (Zoom) format to keep the business of the court moving forward while respecting the constitutional rights of the litigants and keeping the court accessible to the public.


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